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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener (approximately 200 times sweeter than suger) that is widely used in many different foods and drinks and especially common in sugar free or low sugar varieties. As well as an additive in products it's also marketed under brand names such as candarel and nutrasweet as a sugar replacement.

It was first approved for use in the UK in 1982 and has been widely used since but despite this there have been a number of studies that have questioned it's safety and highlighted potential side affects and health risks.

Put aspartame into google and you'll find a huge amount of information, opinion and rumour on how safe it is. For a more balanced view you can visit the Food Standards Agency and read their official safety evaluation.

We'll let you make up your own mind but once you have you can use the information below to help identify which of the products we stock do and don't contain aspartame.

Aspartame Free

The following products do not include aspartame in their ingredients -

Energy Drinks

  • High 5 Energy Source
  • High 5 Energy Source 4:1
  • High 5 Energy Source Xtreme
  • High 5 Isotonic
  • Powerbar Sports Performance Drink

Energy Bars

  • Clif Bar
  • High 5 Energy Bar
  • High 5 Sports Bar
  • Mule Bar 
  • Powerbar Energize Bar
  • Powerbar Performance Bar
  • Powerbar Pria
  • Powerbar Ride Bar
  • Science In Sport Go Bar
  • Torq Energy Bar

Energy Snacks

  • Clif Shot Bloks
  • Power Bar Ride Shots
  • Sports Beans

Energy Gels

  • Carb Boom Energy Gel
  • High 5 Energy Gel
  • High 5 Energy Gel Plus
  • Lucozade Carbo Gel
  • Powerbar Performance Gel
  • Science In Sport Go Gel
  • Science In Sport Smart 1 Energizer Gel
  • Torq Energy Gel

Recovery Bars & Drinks

  • High 5 Protein Bar
  • High 5 Protein Recovery Drink 
  • Lucozade Sports Recovery Drink
  • Mule ReFuel 
  • Powerbar Fitmaxx Protein Power
  • Powerbar Protein Plus Recovery

Contain Aspartame

The following products do include aspartame in their ingredients -

Energy Drinks

  • Isostar Power Tabs
  • Science In Sport Go Electrolyte
  • Science In Sport PSP22

Recovery Drinks

  • Science In Sport Rego Recovery

If a product isn't listed in either table it just means we haven't got round to checking the ingredients and adding it yet.

We try and keep the information as up to date as possible but if you spot an error then please contact us at and we'll make sure it gets changed.

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