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Accelerade Advanced Sports Drink

Accelerade Advanced Sports Drink
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Accelerade Advanced Sports Drink

933g tub makes 30 servings when mixed as recommended.


Available in Lemon & Lime, Mountain Berry, Fruit Punch or Orange flavour.

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Shred Magazine

Since 2003 Pacific Labs have unleashed their protein powered drinks into the market. Unlike most other carbohydrate only drinks, these have a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio which really makes send for endurance sports (i.e. over 1 hour) where it will help to limit muscle damage. You get the usual benefits of improved hydration and an endurance boost but most importantly they taste great. We used Accelerade for a tough 50 miler and the vivid colours when you mix them up (bright sunshine yellow for Lemonade flavour and a fetching Bianchi blue for Mountain Berry) got a great reaction from other riders in clear water bottles! Despite feeling pretty good, to prevent flagging we tried a 2nd Surge gel. Normally we have to choke down gels but the chocolate flavour was surprisingly decent and the formulation of fast action carbs, protein, caffeine and antioxidants gave us the required turbo boost to lay down the hurt. The only remaining thing to do, like the true athletes we are, was to recover properly. We didn't manage recovery stockings, but we did manage to down a bottle of the R4 recovery drink. Vanilla and Chocolate flavours were both amazingly drinkable and we're happy to report we didn't have that leaden leg feeling the next day nor did we experience the fartastic effects of some other recovery drinks. One thing to check out of your one of those lactose intolerant types, is that all these Pacific products we tested contain milk. If you prefer more fruity flavours then there's loads of choice.

Source: Shred Magazine, April 2012


The drink uses the 4:1 ratio for carbs to protein, which has been studied widely in the sports nutrition world, and it is accepted that the addition of protein to a fuelling drink helps during exercise.

Anyway, enough science, what does it taste like and how does it perform? First things first, the Lemon Lime flavour comes as a white powder but when mixed is a vivid shade of green, which doesn’t look like it is particularly good for you. The recommended single scoop makes 350ml of drink, which isn’t an over facing amount and there are 30 servings in this 933g tub.

The Lemon Lime flavour is ‘interesting’, not particularly lemony or limey but it is a little soapy on first taste. After a few times I became accustomed to the flavour but I’ll admit it’s not a favourite. It’s also available in Mountain Berry, Fruit Punch, Tangy Orange and Lemonade flavours though. The consistency of the drink is thin because it is made with water but it isn’t powdery when mixed.

One thing that I have noticed – a definite plus point – is that this product doesn’t give the problem of ‘wind’ like many other cycling nutrition drinks. Maybe it’s because its not a pure recovery drink (these do seem to be worse) but it makes a pleasant change from the norm.

From a performance point of view, I’ve used the drink after several races and rides and it does seem to have a positive effect on my legs the following day. Don’t get me wrong, my legs still feel tired but they seem to be able to work a little harder on the bike compared to not having the drink.

Source: Singletrack, July 2011


This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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