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Elete Electrolyte Add-In

Elete Electrolyte Add-In
Price: £5.85
Manufacturer: Elete
Product Code: ELE001
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Elete Electrolyte Add-In

Elete contains four of the key electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, chloride and sodium) as well as other naturally occurring trace elements which help to maintain hydration and prevent muscle cramps. The pocket bottle is small enough to be easily carried and is useful when taking part in events where only plain water stations are provided enabling you to mix you own electrolyte drink.

Elete has no flavourings or sweetners and no calories. As it provides no calories for endurance events you should consider using it along side other products that will help maintain your energy stores such as energy bars or energy gels.

Each 25ml bottle will make 10 litres at the recommended concentration. The cap can be used to measure servings.

Product Codes

  • Elete 25ml - UPN/EAN 786601562962

Nutritional Information

Elete add in nutritional Information per 1 litre serving -

  • Magnesium - 45mg
  • Potassium - 130mg
  • Chloride - 390mg
  • Sodium - 125mg


Sea mineral concentrates for Great Salt Lake, Utah (containing natural trace minerals), purified water, potassium chloride

Press Reviews

Functional Sports Nutrition

Best Training & Recovery Nominee - Elete electrolyte add-in comprises a unique combination of concentrated, naturally occuring sodium, potassium and magnesium chlorides and 70 other beneficial electrolytes and nothing else - no sweeteners, flavourings or calories. To be used during training, during the main event and to aid recovery by adding to water or cordial of your choice thereby ensuring an optimum electrolyte balance to help prevent muscle cramps, maintain hydration, improve concentration, sustain endurance and facilitate recovery - all for 15p per litre!

Source: Awards Showcase, Functional Sports Nutrition Journal, Jan/Feb 2011

Triathlete's World

The idea of turning any old bottle of water into a performance sports drink is a compelling one. That's exactly what's on offer with Elete Electrolyte, a concentrated mix that contains four key electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, chloride and sodium). When dripped into a regular bottle of water it's hardly perceptible and it's claimed it will help you maintain hydration, avoid muscle cramps, sustain endurance and maintain your mental focus. The bottle itself is handy enough to tuck into the back of a bike jersey or into your transition box for race day.

Source: Gear Guide, Triathlete's World Magazine, June 2010

Runners World 

An alternative to pre-made sports drinks, this taste-free electrolyte concentrate can be added to any food or drink during or after training. It has no sugar, flavourings, additives or calories, and contains magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium - to increase energy and stop cramp.

Source - 60 Second Gear Guide, Runner's World Magazine, April 2010


US-based sports drink company Elete Electrolyte have devised this zero-calorie drink that contains several key electrolytes to help you stay hydrated. Besides sodium and chloride (normal salt), Elete contains magnesium, potassium and sulphate ions. They're sourced from Utah's Great Salt Lake, with extra potassium chloride and purified water added. Elete lacks calcium, hydrogen carbonate and hydrogen phosphate - which are the other electrolyes considered important for physiological processes - but says that the product contains the right electrolytes to promote hydration. The company also claims that "the Salt Lake water contains many other valuable trace and ultra-trace minerals [not listed - ed] in addition to the electrolytes - it is this combination of ‘ingredients’ which contribute to its overall efficacy." The salty, clear liquid can be added to any drink, and although it’s not designed to replace lost energy, we did notice a significant reduction in the amount of fluid we had to drink after a hard training session. During a session, we tended to drink the same as we normally would (there was a faint salty aftertaste). It also proved to be a handy hangover cure.

Source: Bike Radar, January 2010


This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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