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Mule Kicks Energy Gel
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MuleBar Kicks Energy Gel

New MuleBar Kicks energy gels deliver fast natural organic energy along with electrolytes derived from Himalayan crysal salts.

Cafe Cortado - This Mule packs a Café Cortado kick. We selected performance boosting coffee, guarana, brown rice syrup and malted barley syrup to provide that natural competitive edge. A combination of fast and steady releasing carbohydrates to refuel muscles. Sodium from Himalayan crystal salts help replace lost electrolytes. Whilst coffee and guarana provide caffeine to help delay fatigue. Not to forget coffee is packed with potent antioxidants.

Cherry Bomb -  an antioxidant explosion! - Cherry juice concentrate has been shown to have extraordinary antioxidant content, whilst the High GI sugars from brown rice syrup provide the carbohydrate equivalent of rocket-fuel! Medium-GI sugars (fructose from organic, naturally sourced Agave Nectar) give a slower release of energy when taken before endurance exercise. To aid proper hydration the gel also provides natural electrotytes from Himalayan crystal salts delivery a full-spectrum of trace minerals.

Lemon Zinger - High GI sugars from brown rice syrup provide the carbohydrate equivalent of rocket-fuel. Medium-GI sugars (fructose from organic, naturally sourced agave nectar) give a gradual release of energy which is effective for fuelling endurance exercise. Lemon juice and ginger are included as excellent immune- stimulators and potent anti-oxidants. The formula also contains naturally sourced caffeine in the form of guarana, this helps to support cognitive function and may actually help gear-up the body to burn fatty acids as its primary fuel. Hydration is supported by the natural electrolytes in Himalayan crystal salts which provide a full-spectrum of trace minerals.

Apple Strudel - Apples are high in the natural blood thinning compounds salicylates that work in a similar way to aspirin to support circulation and nutrient delivery. Maintaining blood-flow throughout exercise is key to performance and recovery. They are also a good source of antioxidant quercetin. An Apple Strudel a day may very well keep the doctor away! Cinnamon has been shown to reduce blood-glucose levels by increasing uptake by muscle-cells. High GI sugars from brown rice syrup provide the carbohydrate equivalent of rocket-fuel. Medium GI sugars (fructose from organic, naturally sourced agave nectar) give a gradual release of energy which is effective for fuelling endurance exercise. Hydration is supported by the natural electrolytes in Himalayan crystal salts which provide a full-spectrum of trace minerals.

Recommended Usage

1 gel up to 45 mins before the start, 1-2 gels per hour during training or racing and 1 gel after.

Kicks gel will raise your blood sugar levels and keep your muscles fed. 1-2 gels per hour provide you with carbohydrates to support depleted muscle stores and re-energise your performance.  Sodium, Potassium and Chloride are essential for electrolyte balance and Magnesium and Calcium are required for muscle function. The Himalayan crystal salts in Kicks gels provide a full spectrum of trace minerals and electrolytes.

Water is one of the most important sports aid available. Just a 2% reduction in hydration can impair performance. We recommend you take our gels with a small amount of water. Feeling fatigued during your training? Caffeine has been shown to decrease perception of fatigue - try the caffeinated Lemon Zinger gel.


MuleBar Kicks gels are currently available in Cafe Cortado, Apple Strudel, Cherry Bomb or Lemon Zinger flavours.

Alternative Pack Sizes

Also available in multi packs -

Further Product Information

Nutritional Information

MuleBar Kicks Cafe Cortado nutrition values per 37g sachet of gel -

  • Energy - 114Kcal
  • Protein - 0.6g
  • Carbohydrate - 28g (25g sugars)
  • Fat - 0.2g
  • Fibre - 0.4g
  • Sodium - 0.07g

MuleBar Kicks Cherry Bomb nutrition values per 37g sachet of gel -

  • Energy - 112Kcal
  • Protein - 0.6g
  • Carbohydrate - 27g (22g sugars) 
  • Fat - 0.1g
  • Fibre - 0g
  • Sodium - 0.1g

MuleBar Kicks Lemon Zinger nutrition values per 37g sachet of gel -

  • Energy - 113Kcal
  • Protein - 0.2g
  • Carbohydrate - 28g (25g sugars) 
  • Fat - 0.07g
  • Fibre - 0.4g
  • Sodium - 0.07g
  • Caffeine 63mg

MuleBar Kicks Apple Strudel nutrition values per 37g sachet of gel -

  • Energy - 113Kcal
  • Protein - 0.2g
  • Carbohydrate - 28g (25g sugars) 
  • Fat - 0.07g
  • Fibre - 0.4g
  • Sodium - 0.07g


MuleBar Kicks Cafe Cortado - Brown rice syrup, malted barley syrup, agave syrup, natural cortado coffee, natural guarana extract, Himalayan crystal salt.

MuleBar Kicks Cherry Bomb - Organic cherry juice, organic brown rice syrup, organic agave nectar, Himalayan crystal salt.

MuleBar Kicks Lemon Zinger - Organic brown rice syrup, organic agave nectar, organic Sicilian lemon concentrate, natural guarana extract (flavouring), natural ginger flavouring, Himalayan crystal salt.

MuleBar Kicks Apple Strudel - Organic apple juice concentrate 40%, organic brown rice syrup, organic agave nectar, natural cinnamon extract (flavoring), Himalayan crystal salt.

Allergen & Dietary Information

Apple Strudel - free from dairy, wheat, yeast, soy and nuts

Cafe Cortado, Cherry Bomb, Lemon Zinger - free from wheat, lactose, yeast, soy and nuts

Press Reviews

220 Triathlon

Mulebar's Cherry Bomb energy gel is formulated with an emphasis on natural ingredients. Each 37g sachet contains 27g of carbohydrate from organic brown rice syrup and agave nectar, for fast and medium release energy, respectively. There's also 8% organic cherry juice concentrate, which is a rich source of antioxidants and, of course, flavour. Meanwhile, the electrolytes sodium and chloride come courtesy of Himalayan sea salt. In use, the consistency is fairly thick but without being overly cloying. Taste wise, the cherry flavour is very natural and authentic. But there's no getting away from the fact that this is a sweet product requiring plenty of water chasers, which might explain why MuleBar recommend only up to two gels per hour.

Verdict - Worth investigating for triathletes seeking all-natural sports nutrition - 82%.

Source: 220 Triathlon Magazine, August 2013


Mulebar Kicks are energy gels from the company that produces Mulebar energy bars. Just like the bars, the gels have organic and '100% natural' ingredients. We've reviewed them before on road.cc but 2013 sees a new flavour and a slight change to the packaging, although the main formulas stay the same.

The new flavour is called Cafe Cortado, and not surprisingly the main ingredients include coffee, along with rice syrup, barley syrup, agave syrup, guarana and Himalayan crystal salt.

The brown rice and barley syrups are there to provide carbohydrate – the fuel you need to keep riding your bike after an hour or two – but what's all this other stuff?

As everyone knows, agave is a thick spiky-leafed plant that mainly grows in Mexico (a similar species is used to make tequila); it's here to provide a bit of slow-release energy. Meanwhile guarana is another plant from the Americas; it produces beans containing caffeine, to top up the caffeine already supplied by the coffee. And the Himalayan crystal salt (according to the all-natural boffins at Mulebar) provides all the minerals you need to replace those lost through sweat.

Put all that together and a 37g sachet of Cafe Cortado gel provides 469kJ of energy, consisting of 27g of carb (with less than 1g each of protein and fat) plus 0.1g of sodium and 100mg of caffeine.

The taste is undeniably like coffee – in fact, more like coffee beans than the actual drink – with an extra Horlicks-style tingle from the malted barley, and definitely sans sucre. This taste might not suit everyone, but it makes a nice change from the over-sweet flavour of some other gels.

Talking of which, the other two flavours of Mulebar Kicks are more on the sweet side. Lemon Zinger also has brown rice syrup, agave, guarana (providing 50mg of caffeine) and Himalayan crystal salt – along with natural lemon concentrate (Sicilian, no less) and some ginger flavouring. Cherry Bomb adds organic cherry juice to the familiar rice-agave-salt combo, and has no caffeine. In terms of kJ and carb content, both flavours are almost identical to the Cafe Cortado.

To test the gels, I've used them on several long (about 4 hours) training rides over the past couple of months, and they definitely work – giving enough energy to keep me cruising along for 30 to 60 minutes, depending who I'm trying to keep up with, before needing another one.

The 'double-shot' of caffeine in the Cafe Cortado flavour helped me get up the hills on the last 20 miles before home. On all the gels, though, the consistency is on the thick side, so they definitely need to be washed down with water.

Another feature of Mulebar Kicks worth mentioning is the shape of the sachet. At the top is a V-shaped notch, making the sachet much easier to open with your teeth and one hand when you're on the bike. It also means a small hole, so the gel can be squeezed out in a controlled fashion, and you don't get it all over your hands. It also means the little tear-off bit stays attached to the main sachet so you can stuff the whole lot back in your pocket when finished and not litter the countryside.

As with other Mulebar products, all of the ingredients in these gels are natural, and the Soil Association logo on the packet indicates that most are organic. So if you find the compositions of some other gels give you stomach ache, then these Kicks would be well worth a try.

And while we're on about badges, Mulebar products are also FairTrade where possible, and the '1% for the Planet' logo indicates financial support for environmental organisations.

On the the Mulebar website a box of 24 Kicks gels costs £36, working out at £1.50 each. You can choose all one flavour or a mix. You can also buy them singly or in smaller batches at some local bike shops.

With 27g or 28g of carb in a 37g gel, on a pure carbs-per-quid basis, this compares well against similar products such as Nectar Sports Fuel Cell (40g sachet containing 20g of carbohydrate for £1.50), is comparable to Bike Food Pure Energy (40g gel, almost 30g of carb, about £1.45), but is comparatively expensive when compared to products such as High5 Energygel (38g sachet, 23g of carb, £1), ZipVit (60g gel, 51g of carb, £1.50) or Sponser Liquid Energy Long (40g gel, 23g of carb, £1).

But if you're looking for more than just carbs, and want a high-performing gel made with all natural ingredients that's tasty and easy to digest, then Mulebar Kicks are well worth trying.

Source: Road.cc, January 2013

Cycling Weekly

These have a unique taste with 100 per cent natural ingredients. All the flavours contain brown rice syrup - a source of carbohydrates; and Himalayan crystal salt - to aid hydration. They come in three flavours; apple, lemon and cherry, all with individual advantages that accompany each flavour. Did we mention that they work, too?

Source: In Action, Cycling Weekly Magazine, November 2011


First, the appearance. It's a detail, but the top of the sachet has an V-shaped notch, making it much easier to open with your teeth and one hand when you're on the bike. It also means a small hole, so the gel can be squeezed out in a controlled fashion, and you don't get it all over your hands.

Next, it's the taste. There's nothing out there from the other manufacturers that matches Apple Strudel, Lemon Zinger and Cherry Bomb. All these options are sweet and sticky, with a relatively thick texture, and very tasty indeed.

But quirky flavours aren't enough on their own. Let's have a look at the ingredients.

All the gels contain brown rice syrup, a source of carbohydrate that provides the energy you need to ride your bike for more than an hour or two. In the Apple Strudel version there's also - wait for it - apple, but not just a dash for flavour, oh no. Apple juice concentrate makes up 40% of this gel, which the Mulebar website says helps blood-flow during exercise, as well as having a good source of slow-release energy to compliment the fast-realise energy coming from the brown rice syrup. Also in the mix is Himalayan crystal salt, which (according to Mulebar) provides all the minerals you need to replace those lost through sweat.

Moving on to the Lemon Zinger gel, the brown rice syrup is joined by lemon juice and ginger (immune-stimulators and antioxidants, say Mule), plus agave nectar (slow-release energy) and guarana (a source of natural caffeine).

Before you ask, and I didn't know either, agave nectar is a sweet juice extracted from a thick spiky-leafed plant that mainly grows in Mexico (a similar species is used to make tequila), while guarana is a South American plant that produces beans containing caffeine.

Meanwhile, back with more familiar flora, the Cherry Bomb contains, yep, cherry juice (another antioxidant) along with the now familiar brown rice syrup, agave nectar and Himalayan crystal salt.

So far, so good. But here comes the crunch. All this nectar and crystals stuff seems a bit whacky, so do these Mules deliver the kick they promise?

Once again, the answer is yes. I've used these gels on several 100-mile sportives and other long training rides and, combined with bars and liquid throughout the ride, the Mulebar Kicks have powered me along nicely. Each 37g gel contains just over 100 Kcal and 28g of carb, which is enough for 30 minutes to an hour of hard riding, depending on your exertion levels, body mass and so on. I found the lemon variety particularly delivers a boost, although I have to say it's not noticeably different to the boost I get from other conventionally caffeinated gels.

Source: road.cc, October 2011

Cycling Plus

All organic ingredients with the added bonus of Himalayan salt crystals. There's 28g carbohydrate in the sachet. Verdict... A bit of a shock. Tastes like cough medicine (cherry bomb flavour tested); not nasty cough medicine though, it's quite pleasant. It's also very strong so you'll need to wash it down with something.

Source - Rocket Fuel Road Tested, Cycling Plus, September 2011

Cyclist No.1

Over the past few months, we have been out testing these gels on various rides including a number of races. MuleBar currently have 3 flavours, Cherry Bomb, Apple Strudel and Lemon Zinger with caffeine in the guise of natural guarna for that extra kick. The ingredient list just makes them sound tempting from the off, Organic Cherry Juice, Organic Apple and Cinnamon, Organic Sicilian Lemon concentrate (lemon zinger) and Himalayan Crystal Salt which adds natural electrolytes and full spectrum of trace minerals.

With such simple, natural ingredients, the gels are easily and effectively absorbed giving you the immediate energy kick needed. The flavours are quite intense and actually taste really good (no doubt due to the all natural ingredients). This is a huge plus as with some gels, simply the thought of having to consume another one, or knowing that's all you've got left as you teeter ever close to bonking, is enough to make you shudder. We have used the MuleBar gels exclusively on 6 hour plus rides with no gastrointestinal problems. The energy kick is quick and the guarna in the Lemon Zinger certainly does its job in giving that little extra boost.

Not only is the flavour spot on, but Alex and Jimmy have put alot of thought into the packaging as well. A first in the cycle industry, the side tear top is so easy to use. It is much easier to pull off in a single motion than the usual dual split tops, coming off evenly every time. Each 37g gel contains 28g of carbohydrate and 113 calories, and there's 63mg of caffeine in the Lemon Zinger.

All these lovely organic ingredients, clever packaging design and goodwill do come at a price. MuleBar gels start at £1.50 per gel so they're definitely at the higher end of the market on price. But overall, the MuleBar Kicks Gels do what they say on the packet and the strong flavours really 'kick'. They deliver on flavour and are easily absorbed, and the effective tear off tab is an added bonus.

Source - Cyclist No.1 Website, 24 May 2011


MuleBar Kick Gels use 100 per cent natural organic ingredients, producing a good clean taste. The Cherry Bomb and Apple Strudel are our favourites, but the Lemon Zinger with added caffeine does leave a slightly odd aftertaste. All contain high GI sugars for an instant hit and slower releasing medium GI sugars for sustained energy release.

Source - Mountain Biking UK Magazine, May 2011

220 Triathlon

MuleBar is well known for its natural energy bars. They pride themselves on sourcing high-quality, 100% natural ingredients with no additives. After great success with their bars, MuleBar has now released a gel, aptly named Kicks. As you'd expect, the ingredient list is a satisfying list of organic flavours and sugars. One interesting highlight is the Himalayan crystal salts that, as well as providing the standard electrolytes, also give a host of natrural minerals essential for good function. Each 37g sachet contains 114 calories with a standard 28g of carbs, a dash of protein and a good hit of sodium at 70mg. The high sodium content may, depending on intake, negate the need for additional isotonic drinks and additives. The Cherry Bomb flavour (Lemon Zinger also available) is satisfyingly sweet with no nasty synthetic aftertaste, as found in many other offerings.

Source - Tri Gear, 220 Triathlon Magazine, March 2011

Triathlete's World

The 100 per cent natural Lemon Zinger Mule Bar fast energy gel is formulated to provide immediate energy and fast recovery after vigorous training. The medium-GI sugars give a gradual release of energy, ideal for the endurance athlete. The tasty energy aid also provides a hit of caffeine derived from guarana, and its High-GI sugars, from brown rice syrup, offer a serious carb hit.

Source - Triathlete's World Gear Guide, March 2011

Cycling Weekly

MuleBar has quickly built a reputation for some tasty energy bars made from 100 per cent natural ingredients. This year, the seven-bar range will expand with its sweetly titled Cherry Bomb gel.

Using a mix of high-GI sugars from brown rice and medium-GI sugars for agave nectar should provide a combined quick hit and deliver a prolonged boost to energy levels. As with all these bars, ingredients are naturally sourced and fairly traded where possible. Electrolytes lost in sweat are replaced with minerals from Himalayan crystal salts and the cherry flavour comes from antioxidant-rich cherry juice, so there should be little in it to upset stomachs. With more flavours on the way, these yummy gels are worth watching out for.

Source - Cycling Weekly, October 2010

Bike Magic

They've got all the credentials for enduro and 24-hour racers looking for an energy dense gel that actually tastes nice, but for more casual riders unworried about racing against the clock they make a handy alternative to stodgy energy bars or other snacks - allowing you to just get on and enjoy your ride without worrying about bonking. Verdict - 4.5 stars out of 5

Bike Magic MuleBar Kicks Cherry Bomb Review - October 2010


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