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SIS Smart1 Gel - Single

SIS Smart1 Gel - Single
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Manufacturer: Science In Sport (SiS)
Product Code: SIS017
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SIS Smart1 Energizer Gel

This product is now branded as SIS GO Plus Caffeine Energy Gel.

Science In Sport Smart 1 Energizer Gel combines the standard SIS Go Gel with 50mg caffeine, blackcurrant anthocyanins and citrus bioflavenoids. Caffeine provides extra stimulation, whilst citrus bioflavenoids have been shown to improve caffeine absorption and blackcurrant anthocyanins are an anti-oxidant for improved night vision (high caffeine levels are often associated with a blurring of vision and these anthocyanins may reduce this).

Smart 1 Gel Recommended Usage

Consume during exercise as required, ensure you keep hydrated. The latest research on caffeine for endurance sports performance suggests taking caffeine around 60 minutes before starting exercise, then ingesting small amounts during exercise or late on in endurance events. As individuals react differently to caffeine you should experiment in training to find what works best for you.


SIS Smart 1 Gel is only available in Berry flavour.

Alternative Pack Sizes

As well as single sachets SIS Smart Gels are also available in -

Product Codes

  • Smart Gel Single Sachet - MPN/EAN 5025324022557

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information per 60ml sachet of Smart 1 Energizer gel-

  • Energy - 88kcal
  • Protein - 0g
  • Carbohydrate - 22g
  • Fat - 0g
  • Fibre - 0.1g
  • Sodium - 0.01g
  • Caffeine - 50mg
  • Anthocyanins - 13mg
  • Bioflavonoids - 2mg


Water, maltodextrin (from maize), flavouring, gelling agents (xantham gum, gellan gum), antioxidant (blackcurrant anthocyanins, ascorbic acid, naringin bioflavonoids), acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), caffeine, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), sweetener (acesulfame k, sucralose), sodium chloride.

Allergen & Dietary Information

Suitable for vegans.

Press Reviews

Cycling Plus

They say... Contains caffeine and has blackcurrant anthocyanins and citris bioflavenoids that in combination are said to improve blood flow, alertness and night vision and reduce muscle cramps. Verdict... This is more like jelly than gel. It tastes great and is easy to get down. It's isotonic, so easy to digest.

Source - Rocket Fuel Road Tested, Cycling Plus, September 2011

 Triathlete Europe

Blackburn based SIS (Science In Sport) made some good friends with their Isotonic Go gel that was not only easy to get down but didn't require the addition of water like most gels on the market. The Smart 1 contains 22g of carbohydrates with the additional kick of caffeine and once again isn't as viscous as most making is easy to swallow.

It's not just a Go gel with caffeine though because caffeine alone can have negative effects such as blurred vision, increased systolic and diastolic blood flow and aortic stiffness. To combat these negative effects SIS have added blackcurrant anthocyanins, which are an antioxidant that can help reduce blurred vision. This is certainly a good thing for those out in the dark on an Ironman run. The Smart 1 contains citrus Bioflavenoids, which helps with the caffeine absorption as well as being another powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants help blood to flow more easily to help with the transfer of oxygen.

It's important to take this gel at the right time because caffeine speeds up carbohydrate metabolism driving the carbs through the system quicker. It depends on the distance of your race and how well your body copes with it, so try it in training first to see how your body reacts but generally it's best saved for later in the race.

In Ironman we found it worked best in the latter stages of the bike or even on the run. Not only did it offer fuel but the caffeine provided a great boost, increased alertness and helped to mask the pain. More importantly it helped with mental focus to remain positive when the body was screaming otherwise 20 miles in. For shorter races such as Olympic distance we found them best swallowed half way through or possibly earlier to get the full effect. As for the taste it's a little bitter compared to most but it sits easily and is well worth it when the effects take hold. Be sure to take on water to conteract the caffeine.

Source - Science In Sport Smart 1 Gel by Ian Osbourne, Triathlete Europe Magazine, August 2009


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