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ZipVit Sampler Pack

ZipVit Sampler Pack
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Price: £9.99
Manufacturer: ZipVit
Product Code: ZV001
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ZipVit Sports Nutrition Sampler Pack

The ZipVit Sampler Pack is a great cost effective way to try the ZipVit sports nutrition range. The pack includes -

  • 1 x ZV1 Energy Drink Sachet
  • 1 x ZV7 Energy Gel
  • 1 x ZV8 Energy Bar
  • 1 x ZV9 Protein Bar
  • 1 x ZV10 Energy Chews
  • 1 x ZipVit Water Bottle

Nutritional Information

Press Reviews

Cycling Plus

Nutrition can be an expensive part of a rider's life. Products like Zipvit's Sampler Box are the ideal way for you to try out a range of products to see what works for you, without having to spend a small fortune. The sampler box from Zipvit not only includes the very heavily carbo-loaded energy gel that we liked when we tested it recently (Cycling Plus Issue 253), but also an energy drink sachet, energy bar, energy chews and a protein recovery bar - and even a 750ml drink bottle. When you can get all this for a penny less than a tenner, it's really quite a bargain.

Source: Cycling Plus Magazine


ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar - Down here at the road.cc Cotswold testing grounds, we've tried various ZipVit products over the years - and we like them. The ZV8 energy bar is no exception; a couple of these in the back pocket have kept us going nicely on several long rides in the hills hereabouts over the past month or two.

At 55-65g (depending on flavour), the ZV8 is larger than most other energy bars on the market, providing around 200 calories overall, of which around 40g is carb. Most sports nutritionists agree that athletes can absorb a maximum of around 60g carb per hour (depending on body mass and some other aspects) so eating an ZV8 every hour or so on long race, sportive or training ride goes a considerable way towards providing the energy most riders need - topped up with energy drinks, gels, flapjack or Hobnobs as preferred.

With the main ingredients including oat flakes, rice crisps, raisins and dried fruit, it's maybe not surprising that the ZV8s taste vaguely like a muesli bar. But they're more moist, and a slightly stickier, than a 'normal' muesli bar and so much easier to chew and swallow when cycling. They're also very tasty, and seem to digest easily without causing a glimmer of stomach cramp. If you don't like the taste or texture of some other energy bars, the ZV8s are well worth trying. They're delicious *and* they help you ride faster. How good is that?

Source: Road.cc ZipVit ZV8 Product Review

Triathlete's World

ZipVit ZV10 Energy Chews - You have no excuses for ever running out of fuel again. If drinks and gels can't supply your energy needs, you now have the option of something more solid. ZipVit's new energy chews are a high-tech version of the sugary sweets you might normally slip into your back pocket in case of emergency. The chews, which come in packets of eight, have a slightly synthetic taste but are easy to digest on the move and deliver 46g of carbohydrate. According to ZipVIt the chews also have a synergistic vitamin and mineral blend to maintain energy levels, reduce fatigue and combat the damaging effects of free radicals.

Source: Triathlete's World, August 2010


This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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