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New Limited Release Salted Caramel GU Energy Gel

Posted 20th September 2013 -

GU Energy Labs has launched its newest gel flavour, salted caramel, in a limited release. The new Salted Caramel flavour packs the same optimal blend of carbohydrates, the proprietary GU amino blend and vitamins C & E as well as an elevated amount of electrolytes ensuring fast and easy replenishment of sodium and potassium.

“We are excited to introduce and sample Salted Caramel Gel at Outdoor Retailer,” said Lauren O’Connor, Senior Marketing Manager for GU Energy, “The flavour is one of the most mouth-watering offerings to date and also boasts an elevated amount of electrolytes for quicker recovery. This flavour promises to be an instant favourite.”

The new flavour also gets some unique packaging featuring a yeti.

“It started as a way to commemorate the Winter 2014 season, but then kind of took on a mind of its own. Our Yeti can be spotted around the world, with our customers taking photos on the peaks of mountains, boarding in Pacific and on trailheads. If a Yeti were vegetarian, we like to think he’d eat GU. ”

Available now in 8 sachet packs - GU Salted Caramel Energy Gel


New SIS Go Plus Caffeine Cola Gel

Posted 6th September 2013 -

The popular SIS Go Plus Caffeine Energy Gel is now available in a new cola flavour.

For those not familiar with the SIS GO Plus Caffeine energy gel it essentially combines the standard SIS Go Gel with 50mg caffeine, blackcurrant anthocyanins and citrus bioflavenoids. Caffeine provides extra stimulation, whilst citrus bioflavenoids have been shown to improve caffeine absorption and blackcurrant anthocyanins are an anti-oxidant for improved night vision (high caffeine levels can be associated with a blurring of vision and these anthocyanins may reduce this).

It's ideal to give you an extra kick for short intense events or towards the end of long endurance events.


SIS Go Plus Nitrates Wins Runner's World Award

Posted 14th June 2013 -

The new SIS GO Plus Nitrates gel gets first place in the Sports Nutrition Product category in the 2013 Runner's World Personal Best Awards

Voted for by the readers of Runner's World, the biggest running magazine in the world, SiS are extremely proud to have been given the first prize for Best Nutrition Product 2013 for the innovative SiS GO + Nitrates Gel. Voted for by more than 1600 endurance nutrition product users, it’s clear that more runners are benefiting from SiS GO + Nitrates Gels than ever before.

The SiS GO Gel + Nitrates is the world’s first gel to contain naturally occurring nitrate stores from a variety of vegetable sources.

Easy to digest and light on the stomach, the GO + Nitrate gel is a highly practical way to ensure elevated nitrate stores prior to beginning exercise, a strategy that is increasingly being shown by sport scientists to provide an innovative way to enhance endurance performance.


New SIS REGO Fruitflow Recovery Gel Now In Stock

Posted 6th September 2013 -

The new SIS REGO Fruitflow Gel is now in stock, it's the first recovery gel product designed to be taken before intense exercise to help athletes shorten their recovery time afterwards.

Fruitflow is a tomato extract containing naturally occurring tomato compounds which can beneficially interact with blood platelets. Supported by human clinical trials Fruitflow is the first natural ingredient with a scientifically approved health claim to contribute to healthy blood flow. Its use in health care and sports nutrition is patented and Science in Sport is the only company to produce a sports recovery product with it.

For more information and to purchase -

SIS REGO Fruitflow Recovery Gel


Torq Launch Raspberry Ripple Energy Gel

Posted 1st May 2013 -

It looks like Torq have taken more inspiration from the dessert menu for their latest energy gel flavour. They already had the popular Rhubard and Custard flavour which is now joined by the latest addition, Raspberry Ripple.


New High 5 Runners Bottle

Posted 4th April 2013 -

Now available the new High 5 Runners Bottle which comes with a free pack of High 5 Zero's and a free energy gel, great for keeping you hydrated and fuelled on your long runs.


Powerbar Hydro Energy Gel Now In Stock

Posted 25th March 2013 -

The new Powerbar Hydro Gels are now in stock, available in Orange or Caffeinated Cherry flavours the gels use the same  C2MAX carbohydrate blend as regular Powerbar gels but in a more liquid consistency so the gels can be used without the need to take additional water as well.


Nuun Announce New Flavours

Posted 4th March 2013 -

Nuun have announced three new flavours of their popular Nuun Electrolyte Tablets. The new flavours are cherry limeade (with caffeine), lemonade and watermelon. We haven't heard any details on UK availability yet but hopefully they'll be making there way over here soon.


New Powerbar Hydro Energy Gel

Posted 26th February 2013 -

Powerbar are shortly to be introducing a new energy gel to the UK market, the Powerbar Hydro Gel.

The gel has a similar nutritional content to the regular Powerbar gel using their C2MAX carbohydrate formula but has more water added to give it a more liquid texture and it's designed so that it can be taken without the need to also take additional water (similar to the High 5 Isogel and SIS Go Isotonic Gels).

They're expected to be available in a choice of orange or cherry flavours with the cherry have added caffeine and both come in a new easy open pack design.


High 5 Energy Gels Buy One Get One Free

Posted 26th February 2013 -

We're currently running a special promtion on mixed flavour packs of High 5 Energy Gels. When you buy one pack we'll send you another pack free so you can pick up 40 gels for under £15.

The offer is only available on mixed flavour packs and until stocks last. To take advantage of this offer - High 5 Energy Gels Buy One Get One Free


New SIS Go Energy Gel Flavours

Posted 26th February 2013 -

SIS Go Energy Gels are now available in two new flavours. Apple and lemon and lime join the already available blackcurrant, tropical and orange options.

They're available to buy now either as single sachets or in 6 and 30 sachet packs. If you like a bit of variety we're also offering 30 sachet packs in a mixed flavour option so you get a selection of all 5 flavours.


SIS Launch Rego Gel

Posted 8th January 2013 -

SIS have launched a new REGO Gel that uses a patented FruitFlow tomato extract, we've not had a chance to try it yet but luckily it comes in Banana & Mango flavour rather than tomato.

Here's what SIS have to say about it -

SiS REGO + Fruitflow® has been developed from our commitment to helping athletes perform better through effective, scientifically underpinned nutrition. It’s a brand new product and concept, which is set to change the way that athletes look at recovery. With SiS REGO + Fruitflow®, designed to be taken before exercise, recovery starts before you even start your training session; a revolutionary new method and an industry first.

SiS REGO + Fruitflow® will help athletes reduce the over-stimulation of blood platelets during intense exercise. The gel helps reduce inflammation, which can then shorten recovery times.

Fruitflow® is a tomato extract containing naturally occurring tomato compounds which can beneficially interact with blood platelets. Supported by human clinical trials Fruitflow® is the first natural ingredient with a scientifically approved health claim to contribute to healthy blood flow. Its use in health care and sports nutrition is patented and Science in Sport is the only company to produce a sports recovery product with it.

They key to training improvement is down to how quickly the body can recover from intense exercise. Most of us know that we need to ensure the body gets the protein and nutrients it needs post-exercise with SiS REGO Rapid Recovery, but our brand new SiS REGO + Fruitflow® gel can help prepare your body to recover quicker – and is taken before exercise.

By reducing recovery times, you can train harder, race faster and make bigger improvements to your performance. The pain you feel during recovery is from muscle inflammation – all part of the body’s adaptation process – however, intense training over-stimulates blood platelets which can cause additional and unnecessary inflammatory stress throughout your body.

We know that athletes already go to great lengths to try and reduce body inflammation, such as ice baths or compression wear, but while these help reduce systematic inflammation, they may also reduce the body’s muscle inflammation which is vital for adaptation.

That’s where SiS REGO + Fruitflow® comes in. Taken 1.5 to 3 hours before the start of intense exercise, the gel has beneficial effects on blood platelets giving them more resistance to activation during periods of strenuous exercise. This reduces your body’s total inflammation; studies have shown that this can help to shorten recovery times.

During strenuous exercise, the body produces adrenalin and a protein called thrombin, which combine to activate blood platelets and increase blood coagulation. Activated platelets trigger inflammation throughout the body. The body also produces nitric oxide, which helps to calm over-stimulated platelets, but in strenuous exercise the demand for nitric oxide can be greater than the body’s capacity to produce. This results in less control over platelet activation, which in turn gives rise to unnecessary systemic inflammation.

It’s by giving the body’s blood platelets more resistance to activation during intense exercise, that SiS REGO + Fruitflow® can help you train harder, race faster and achieve more.


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