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Powerbar Creatine - 500g

Powerbar Creatine - 500g
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Manufacturer: Powerbar Sports Nutrition
Product Code: PWB028
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Powerbar Creatine

Powerbar Creatine Monohydrate Performance Activator provides increased energy under physical stress through a more rapid synthesis of creatine phosphate within muscles, it shortens recovery time during intensive physical stress and keeps muscles from early fatigue.

Recommended Usage

Days 1 to 5: take 20g (dosage dependent on weight and intensity of activity) spread over the day. From day 6: take max. 2g per day (2/3 heaped teaspoon = 2g).

Creatine is not suitable for children and adolescents. For adults, intake is recommended only over a period of several weeks at a time, whilst intensive training is taking place. May lead to an increase in weight.

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