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Lucozade Recovery Drink - Single

Lucozade Recovery Drink - Single
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Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink Sachet

Lucozade Sports Recovery is a carbohydrate & protein drink powder formulated to help your body recover more effectively after exercise. It delivers a blend of carbohydrate, to help replace energy stores, and protein, for muscle repair and growth, together with fluid to help restore fluid balance.

This single 38g sachet makes 1 serving when mixed as directed.

Recommended Usage

Mix 1 sachet with 250ml of water. For effective recovery you should aim to consume Lucozade Sport Recovery soon after your sport or exercise session. This is when the body can be responsive and stimulates protein synthesis and carbohydrate resynthesis quickly.


Tropical flavour (orange and passion fruit) .

Alternative Pack Sizes

As well as this single serving sachet Lucozade Recovery Drink is also available in -

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information per sachet when mixed with 250ml water -

  • Energy - 180kcal
  • Protein - 9g
  • Carbohydrate - 27.5g
  • Fat - 0.15g
  • Sodium - Trace 


Sugar 65%, Whey Protein Isolate (from milk) 30%, Citric Acid, Flavourings, Anti-caking Agent (Tricalcium Phosphate), Colour (Beta-carotene).

Allergen & Dietary Information

May contain traces of celery.

Press Reviews


Most recovery drinks take a thick milk shakey form not the lucozade offering though, it is refreshingly light and watery. The tropical flavour is pleasant enough and gives a feeling of significantly better hydration after exercise than a dense chocolate alternative.

Overall Verdict - A pleasant tasting and easy to mix way to help you recover after a ride. Worked great when used as a bike wash or shower buffer after a long ride just don’t forget to eat a good snack or meal as well.

Source: Road.cc Lucozade Sport Recovery Stick Pack Review - August 2010

This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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