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SIS Supplements - Creatine

SIS Supplements - Creatine
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SIS KR10 Pure Creatine

Science In Sport KR10 pure creatine monohydrate for rapid improvement in muscular power output.

Creatine is naturally found in your body and fuels short intensive type exercise, supplementing your diet with additional creatine can increase your body's stores and help you build muscle strength.

Recommended Usage

Take 2g (1 level scoop) mixed in any warm drink once a day. For loading take 5g (2 1/2 level scoops) four times a day for 5 days. It is not recommended to use a loading dose for more than five days each month. We recommend ensuring adequate hydration during the loading phase.

Creatine is not suitable for children or adolescents.

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Product Codes

  • SIS Creatine - MPN/UPC 5025324004041

Nutritional Information

Not Applicable.


Pharmaceutical grade European manufactured Creatine

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