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ZipVit Sport ZV2 Energy Drink Extreme

ZipVit Sport ZV2 Energy Drink Extreme
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Manufacturer: ZipVit
Product Code: ZV003
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ZipVit ZV2 Energy Drink Extreme 1.05kg

  • Energy drink designed for use in hot conditions
  • Fast absorbing carbohydrates, high electrolyte content and branch chain amino acids
  • Use during exercise when competing or training in hot conditions

Manufacturer's Description

ZV2 Energy Drink Extreme is the ultimate hydration drink for improving performance during exercise in very hot weather and ultra endurance events. Energy Drink Extreme uses a high strength electrolytes formula in the exact ratios they are lost in sweat, helping to prevent cramping in hot conditions.

ZV2 contains a mix of ultra fast digesting carbohydrates to help the body absorb water more effectively. This is coupled with a high strength electrolyte formula that includes sodium, magnesium, manganese iodine and other key electrolytes. Branched chain amino acids are also specifically included to improve hot weather performance.

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