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ZipVit Sport ZV7c Caffeine Energy Gel

ZipVit Sport ZV7c Caffeine Energy Gel
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Zipvit ZV7c Caffeine Energy Gel 24 Pack

  • Carbohydrate energy gel with a blend of caffeine and tyrosine
  • Contains 160mg of caffeine per sachet which has been proven to increase both mental and physical performance
  • Use before short events to provide a short term boost or towards the end of endurance events where you need an extra kick to get you to the finish line

Manufacturer's Description

ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel takes the highly effective ZV7 Energy Gel formula and 'supercharges' it with a synergistic blend of caffeine and Tyrosine. The 160mg of caffeine presses the accelerator pedal, reducing effort during training and racing, while tyrosine puts mental fuel in the tank. Each gel delivers the added kick needed to lift focus, reactions and performance to a different level. The ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel was developed in collaboration with the worlds best endurance athletes and its unique size is THE standard within the pro peloton.

Recommended Usage

The ZV7C has a high caffeine content, taking 1 gel 90 minutes before the end of a training session or race will give a sustained performance boost. For short races, such as short time trials, track races and criteriums take 1 gel 60 to 90 minutes before competition.

Nutritional Information

Press Reviews


ZipVit's energy gels are well known for packing a big punch, and the ZV7C caffeine gel is no exception. The 60ml sachet contains a whopping 51g of carbohydrate – a mixture of maltodextrin, sucrose and glucose. Add in 160mg of caffeine along with potassium and sodium salts and you have the cyclist's equivalent of rocket fuel.

The gel is available in two flavours: cherry cola and blackcurrant. We weren't particularly taken by the taste of either (the cherry cola gel was a little like cough medicine) but once down they did sit well on the stomach and were easily digested. There was no doubt they worked, too.

We took a full gel (normally more carbohydrate than we can stomach) within the final 30 miles of our regular 100-mile Sunday ride. The last part of this ride usually includes an extended period of hard tempo and it always hurts, both during and afterwards. The ZV7C helped take the edge off thanks to a decent hit of carbohydrate and caffeine, and we finished the ride with surprisingly good legs.

Source: Bike Radar Review, April 2011


This product hasn't been reviewed yet.
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