Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in the human body and is required for a number of the bodies biomechanical processes, including playing a role in protein synthesis and in maintaining our bodies immune function.

It's classified as conditionally essential amino acid as whilst the body can produce glutamine at certain times, especially when the body is under stress, the requirement is greater than the ability to produce it.

Glutamine Sources

Glutamine is naturally found in food such as chicken, fish, beans and dairy products.

It's also commonly found in protein recovery drinks such as Powerbar Protein Plus Recovery, High 5 Protein Recovery or Science In Sport Rego.

Glutamine Supplements

The most common supplement form is L-Glutamine powder, which is tasteless and odourless and taken mixed with water or other drink.

Most supplements recommend taking 5g immediately after periods of intense exercise.

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