Energy Bar Product Comparison

The table below has been developed to make it easy for you to compare the nutritional information of the energy bar products that we stock.

PLEASE NOTE - In some products nutritional content does vary slightly by flavour, where the variance is small a representative flavour has been selected, where there is a significant difference we'll list them by flavour. Some products also have caffeinated and non caffeinated flavour varieties such as Powebar Performance Bars, in these cases both the caffeinated and non caffeinated flavours have been added to the comparison tables.

The figures in this table are per bar, as the bars are all different sizes you should consider the pack size along with the nutritional values if you're making comparisons between two different types of bars.

Product KCal Carbs Sugars Protein Fat Fibre Sodium Caffeine Buy
Clif Energy Bar Choc Chip 50g 195 33g 15g 7.5g 3.5g 2g 110mg -
Clif Energy Bar Oatmeal Raisin 189 31.5g 14.5g 7.5g 3.5g 2g 90mg -
Clif Energy Bar Peanut Butter 193 29.5g 13g 9g 4.5g 3g 190mg -
CNP Cycling Energy Bar Banana 235 50g 23.9g 3.1g 2.6g 2.2g   -
CNP Cycling Energy Bar Berry 232 50g 23.6g 3.0g 2.6g 2.6g   -
CNP Flapjack Cherry Almond                
CNP Flapjack Chocolate                
CNP Flapjack Chocolate Orange                
High 5 4:1 Training Bar 155 22g 12g 6g 4g 3g 50mg -
High 5 Energy Bar Banana 195 45g 27g 2g 1g 3g 90mg -
High 5 Energy Bar Berry 195 45g 27g 2g 1g 4g 90mg -
High 5 Energy Bar Coconut 202 43g 27g 2g 3g 2g 90mg -
High 5 Sports Bar Berry 213 39g 20g 3g 5g 2g 72mg -
High 5 Sports Bar Caramel 215 38g 17g 3g 2g 2g 70mg -
MuleBar Chocolate Fig                
MuleBar Hunza Nut                
MuleBar Licquorice Allsport                
MuleBar Mango Tango                
MuleBar Pinacolada                
MuleBar Strudel                
MuleBar Summer Pudding                
MuleBar MegaBite Hunza                
MuleBar MegaBite Licquorice                
MuleBar MegaBite Mango                
MuleBar MegaBite Strudel                
MuleBar MegaBite Summer Pudding                
Powerbar Energize Banana                
Powerbar Energize Berry                
Powerbar Energize Cranberry                
Powerbar Energize Mango                
Powerbar Performance Chocolate                
Powerbar Performance Coconut                
Powerbar Performance Cookies                
Powerbar Performance Vanilla                
Powerbar Ride Bar Chocolate                
Powerbar Ride Bar Peanut                
SIS GO Bar Apple Blackcurrant                
SIS GO Bar Banana                
SIS GO Bar Cherry Vanilla                
SIS GO Bar Chocolate Orange                
SIS Mini GO Blueberry                
SIS Mini GO Banana                
SIS Mini GO Chocolate                
SIS Mini GO Red Berry                


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