Understanding Sports Nutrition Products

If you’re new to the world of sports nutrition the following section will give you an easy to understand overview of what different products are available and when you might use them.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks fall into a two broad categories so it’s important to make the right choice or consider using a combination of drinks to suit your needs.

Hydration drinks – these are designed to aid fluid replacement during exercise and also replace the minerals and salts that can be lost when you sweat. They also typically provide a small amount of carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up. You should look to use these types of products especially when exercising in hot conditions. Products to consider include -

Energy drinks – are designed to maintain energy levels during exercise, for endurance sports you should look for products that contain complex carbohydrates (typically maltodextrin) as these release energy slowly and help maintain energy levels over a longer period. Energy drinks with simple carbohydrates release energy more quickly so are useful when you need a more immediate energy boost. Many products contain a mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates to give you the benefits of both.

Energy Gels

Energy gels are kind of half way between an energy drink and an energy bar, they provide a concentrated amount of energy in an easy to carry and easy to use pack. They’re particularly useful when exercising at high intensities or taking part in more dynamic sports where chewing an energy bar would be difficult.

Most energy gels need to be consumed with water (SIS Go Gel is one exception to this) so you should bear this in mind when planning to use these types of products.

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Energy Bars & Snacks

Energy bars maybe difficult to eat during more dynamic sports such as running but for other sports such as cycling where you’re sitting down or during non competitive activity where you can take a short break they can be used during exercise to help maintain energy levels.

Whilst gels are an extremely convenient way of taking on board more energy many people find energy bars more appetising or you may want to consider some of the ‘non bar’ energy snacks such as Sport Beans or Clif Shot Bloks.

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Recovery Products

In terms of sports nutrition to aid recovery after exercise you need to focus on three areas, rehydrating to replace any lost fluids, refuelling to replenish your muscles energy stores and repairing to give your body the protein it needs to repair and rebuild your muscles stronger.

Recovery drinks and bars are designed to be used immediately after exercise and contain a mixture of carbohydrates and protein to give your body what it needs to kick start the recovery process and improve your recovery rate. Some example products are shown below or browse our recovery section - Recovery Products

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